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Review: The House of the Dead

I'm all jittery, shivering and shaking, even though it's 22 Celsius in my home. My thoughts are all in a whirl and I've read about 300 comments about this radio play. Time for me to add my 2 cents!

There was NO GWEN! Think about that! Oh frabjous day, callooh callay ....

Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. I'm still trying to sort out my thoughts. The whole thing felt like a massively condescending piece of fanservice, not to fans of Ianto, but to perceived fans of the Ianto/Jack pairing. They still don't get it, do they? We are not protesting the ending of the romantic pairing, we're protesting the gratuitous killing of a beloved and wonderful character. It is Ianto I want, not some low-key radio drama homage to the Janto pairing that sounds like fanfiction.

It wasn't all bad though -- Ianto was angry when Jack told him he was a ghost, etc. I was raging myself. The way Jack says, 'Don't you see, out of all the people I know, I wanted to see YOU!' 

Jack: U iz speshulz Ianto! I kam bak jist to see u! U shud bee happi and feel all speshulz!
Ianto: Fuck you, Jack.

(He didn't actually say that, but I wish he had!)

Seriously, what the hell? Do they really think making Jack yell 'I luffs U, Ianto!' would make everything better? (I picture him saying that in a Bollywood manner, where the hero stands on a hilltop and shouts 'Reshma, I love you!' and it echoes all over the valley!)

Also, sealing the Rift? Screw that.

Anyway, stuff you, BBC, Roach T Dickhead and all your minions. James Goss, I don't bear any malice towards you -- I believe you wrote this drama in good faith.  This is how I interpret it -- there was no mention of CoE, so the 'alien plague' that Jack talks about could mean anything and could have happened at any time. Maybe when Ianto is in his forties? See, we can still ignore CoE! Also, the only part of the Rift that is sealed is the 'weakest spot' that Syriath wanted to use to emerge. So Ianto is safe in his astral dimension-type of universe, having coffee with his Dad and rolling his eyes at his Dad's scolding and fussing. He has porridge for breakfast, just like me!

I don't give a shit if Jack says it or not. I'll say it -- I love you Ianto, and I always will.
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