satanassa (satanassa) wrote,

Review: Submission

 My thoughts and opinions on the radio play Submission:

This had a much greater alien-y part, which is good. But what kind of alien was it? Which planet did it come from? Isn't the 'alien who feeds on memories' idea a little over-used?

Carly didn't die! Hurray! I liked her a lot. I also liked her immediate dismissal of Jack's cheesy chat-up lines.

Ianto didn't give up! Hurray! Also, I liked the matter of fact way in which he describes his relationship with Jack. It was very dignified.

Cupcake Gwen! Hoo hoo!

This play was much better than I thought it would be, but  little bit out of Torchwood's normal purview. This was more in keeping with a Doctor Who-style adventure.

There was a lot of talk about 'mate' and mortality and memories, etc., which I suppose refers to Miracle Dump. Whatever.

I'll have to think more about it, but on the whole this was fairly gripping, with a lot of science exposition.

Tags: bbc, discussion, non-fic, radio play, reaction, review, torchwood

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