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Review: The Devil and Miss Carew

I heard the radio play just now, so this review contains my immediate reactions.

What kind of creature was Fitzroy? Where did it come from? This part was rather weak.

Ooh Gwen, how, er, sympathetic you sounded when you heard of Rhys's uncle's death! I am sure he appreciated your wonderful feelings of condolence.

Since when did Gwen learn how to hack into computer systems??

I love Miss Carew! She pwned Gwen.

Gwen gets beaten up by Miss Carew! Hey, am I dreaming?

Again, the 'blink and you'll miss it' banter between Ianto and Jack. BBC, you shameful cowards, enough with the innuendo. Show it (or sound it in this case) properly, or don't do it at all.

Ianto is always prepared, he even brings torches! Take that, Day 4 of Cauldron of Excrement!

Jack is incredibly clueless and blundering. Er, he is supposed to be a leader, right?!

Ianto is always prepared, he has a Swiss Army knife! See what I mean?

Okay, how did Rhys find out the exact basement in which Gwen was tied up? 

How did Ianto and Jack get to Miss Carew's office in just a few seconds?

Gwen, Rhys, boring boring, yawn yawn.

I heard at least two kissy-kissy sounds in dialogue between Gwen and Rhys. Couldn't there have been at least one between Ianto and Jack? Aunty Beeb, you don't have to show those 'shocking' gay kisses, but you can sound them, can't you?

On the whole, this was fairly alright, but the alien-y part was pretty weak. I would have said that this is a sign of things to come, except that those things have already come -- Cauldron of Excrement and Miracle Dump. Enjoy!
Tags: bbc, discussion, non-fic, radio play, reaction, review, torchwood

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