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Hacks, Damned Hacks, and the Rusticle

News on the website ---

"Russell T Davies writing new show about gay men"

I didn't read the whole article, just the intro -- it is tentatively named 'Cucumber' (!!), it is a show about the lives of gay men, and BBC Worldwide Productions is involved.

So, the Rusticle is falling upon his tried and tested storyline of 'Queer as Folk' yet again. Unsurprising, since his current venture of Miracle Dump is just a rehash of Cauldron of Excrement, only with more Americans and paedophiles. What will this new and improved 'Queer as Cucumbers' be like, I wonder? In QAF, he had the central character get high on drugs and anally penetrate an inexperienced 15-year-old, whilst all his friends did was roll their eyes and make clever remarks.

Best comment ever on this article:

"Maybe he could write something that doesn’t make us look like sex obsessed, paedo drug addicts.. To much to ask?"

Hee! I have a sneaking suspicion that it really might be too much to ask from the Rustbucket.
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Ianto Forever

Today I rewatched 'Captain Jack Harkness' from S1. This is one of my favourite episodes because it actually makes some use of Ianto as a character. And also Ianto looks deadly sexy in his waistcoat and purple shirt. I know, this episode is not strong on the 'Janto', but it is quite strong on Ianto, and that is much more important to me.

You'll always be with us, Ianto. I look forward to hearing your lovely voice on Monday.
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Fic: What Kathy Did

Title: What Kathy Did

Word Count: 2653

Rating: No violence, no sex, some mentions, swearing

Characters: Torchwood Team, Rhys Williams, Detective Kathy Swanson

Genre: A little bit humorous, a little bit serious, Sketchy Skience.

Disclaimer: This is written purely for enjoyment, I do not own any of the characters.

Summary: Detective Kathy Swanson of the Cardiff Police pays an informal visit to Torchwood. One of the team disappears in mysterious circumstances. Jack is flirtatious.

Author's Notes: Set during S2, pre-'Reset'. I used the idea of Moffat's 'Crack in Time' (as featured in the first series of the Eleventh Doctor), slightly modified.

Collapse )


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Summaries of the new Torchwood Radio Plays

 This is what I found from the BBC website:

Afternoon Play – Torchwood: The Lost Files Ep 1/3

Monday 11 to Wednesday 13 July
2.15-3.00pm BBC RADIO 4
An alien with an aversion to electricity threatens to take Earth back to the dark ages in this new Torchwood radio drama by Rupert Laight, starring John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd.

In the first of three Torchwood stories, when Rhys's elderly Uncle Bryn has a heart attack while listening to the shipping forecast, it seems like another routine death at Ivyday Nursing Home. Until Gwen's suspicions are roused by another elderly resident...
(This summary is already annoying me!)

In Tuesday's story, by Ryan Scott, a distress signal lures Jack, Gwen and Ianto to the deepest part of the ocean – the Mariana Trench – and they find themselves trapped with a hungry alien. (And who is minding the Hub and watching over Cardiff when Jack, Gwen and Ianto are away?)

In Wednesday's Torchwood, it's the last night at the House Of The Dead, the most haunted pub in Wales, and Mrs Wintergreen is holding a seance. Then the ghosts start arriving, and all hell breaks loose.
(What kind of summary is this, shouldn't Torchwood be involved somehow?)

Gareth's official website has the titles of these plays:

Submission by Ryan Scott
House of the Dead by James Goss
The Devil and Miss Carew by Rupert Laight

So the first one must be 'The Devil and Miss Carew', the second one 'Submission', and the last one 'House of the Dead'.
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'It's like people have no shame'

 I've just seen a photograph of John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd together (it's been posted on a couple of different LJ comms). This is a picture tweeted by Team-Barrowman on Twitter with the further elaboration that it was taken in LA during the recording of the radio plays. The photo is nice and lots of people made appreciative comments, both on Twitter where the photo was posted, and on the LJ comms where it was reproduced. Here is one comment (copied and pasted verbatim) on an LJ comm about the Twitter comments:

"Oh and I'm a bit mortified by some of the comments on that twitter feed. It's nice of him to put the photo up, but I'm sure he didn't want to invite people going on yet again about Ianto and RTD. It's like people have no shame."

Which people do you mean? The ones who keep insulting the fans, insist that 'Ianto is dead and he's never coming back!!!' and then turn around and use Ianto's images to publicise magazines, websites, facebook pages and a crappy new series because they know that no other existing character in this sorry show has the same fan-appeal? Those people? Yes, you are right. They really have no shame.